LALIQUE’s collaboration with Zaha Hadid began a little more than two years ago with the creation of the Visio and Manifesto vases, two outstanding works of art which marked the inception of the Crystal Architecture collection. This collection was born of a passion for beauty, a quest for excellence, and the will to combine the expertise of our master-glassmakers with the creativity and rare talent of an architect and designer of world renown.

A square, straight lines, bridges and angles. A perfect circle. The beauty of geometry… Who better than Mario Botta, an immensely talented architect, could have offered Lalique a piece as exceptional as Géo?

“Crystal acts as a mirror whose distorting reflections reveal hidden aspects of reality which is exactly what I try to capture in my paintings. It is Lalique’s expertise that allows me to play with light and opacity to discover an entirely new way to render this delicate balance between our inner and outer lives.”
A collaboration with Damien Hirst was high on the wish list. An artist of immeasurable talent and worldwide renown, he perfectly embodies his generation of artists, unafraid to embark on experiments, calling into question the strict definitions of art and what constitutes a work of art.